O patinho tavu na lagoa... O Menininho tavu na canoa... Se eu fosse uma brabuleta.... Pegavu ele e butavu na maleta....


The B-52's - Give Me Back My Man

She cuts her hair
and calls his name.
Wishin' everything could be the same,
like when she had him.

I'll give you fish,
I'll give you candy,
I'll give you everthing I have in my hand.

Walking out of Korvettes,
Package in her hand.
Motions to all the seabirds,
throws divinity on the sand.


Give me, give back my man (x2)

Her head's in a whirlpool,
spinnin' round and round.
If she don't get her man back
she's gonna drown.

I'll give you fish, (Where's that motorboat?)
I'll give you candy, (My man's in the motorboat)
I'll give you everything I have in my hand.
(Her man's in the motorboat, give her back her man.)

Give her, give back her man,
Give her, give back her man. (repeat)

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